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Even the most understanding of girls looking guys can sometimes overlook something a girl may be telling them simply because they are not paying attention. While a guy’s emotions are simple and pretty blunt a girl’s emotions are a bit more complex and so as a guy who wants to have a healthy relationship you need to be able to hone in on those emotions. There are a few things which girls looking really wished that guys knew and if you knew those things you will have no problem getting any girl you want.

The Connection
This is probably the most important thing that girls looking for guys knew about them. While guys often do not understand this, the important thing when everything is said and done is the connection. Girls cherish the connection that two people share even at times when the connection or the comfort zone is not present. If you are trying to woo a girls looking you should try to pay attention to the details of your relationship, things such as caring, emotional bonding, sharing, and feelings really rank no. 1 for all girls.

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Violence should be avoided
While every guy has the right to be macho girls looking hate violence and if you are being violent to show your macho characteristics then it is not going to work. This is something many seeking woman wish that guys knew. Girls are not looking for a guy with ripped muscles and power, showing that you are a tough guy will not really portray your sensitive side which is something that girls are looking for.

Size does not really matter
Girls looking guys to know that the size of the gift they give does not really matter. It does not have to also be something expensive, it just needs girls tonight to be something which can hold some sentimental value like a ring, or a music box etc. Things such as flowers work great too and if it is accompanied by a gift it is the perfect love weapon.

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Carelessness does not work
Girls always wish that guys knew that they are actually looking for a guy that really cares about everything around him. Guys have flirt women this perception probably because of teenage movies that girls looking for carefree, cool and casual guys to hang around. But in reality this is rarely the case. Girls love guys who are grounded and stable.

Exercise – Using these points to your advantage
Now that you know that what girls looking you need to project an image which allows them to see that you are a suitable guy. The first thing you should do is to think about the things mentioned above and try to figure out what is really going on with you. Then next step is to incorporate the items mentioned above in your personality and eliminate stuff such as anger, macho displays of bravery etc. The third step is to take your new you out to meet and attract girls looking and see how it works.