On Dating Your Good Friend

My story revolves around one of my study abroad experiences where Good Female Friend and I happen to both be going on the same program.I had met freshman year and hit it off really well.We would hang out at least 3 times a week by the time sophomore year rolled around, have a weekly lunch date and exchange a million little inside jokes which always tested the boundaries of platonic to downright flirting but were always careful to make sure our witty banter never could be interpreted as one another. After all, we would talk about the various relationships we were in when we were in relationships, people we were seeing when we were playing the field.

She also wants to hook up with you on this trip.Needed no more prodding to spill all the beans on how dating websites they knew this.So finally, after more than a year wondering if my feelings were reciprocated, I had as good of proof as anyone is going to get that they were! But now there was a problem of she didn’t know that I knew that she felt that way about me. Plus did she tell what she did in an effort to start things off between us, or did she tell TMF this in mistaken confidence. And what about her boyfriend?

I mainly dealt with the issue like this: when’s she single, I’ll see how things work. So on our study abroad, even though we were going to be seeing each other almost every day and have plenty of opportunity to run off, she was unavailable because she currently had a boyfriend.

Now that I had the fruit of knowledge shoved into my mouth, I started to go insane every time we interacted on the trip. All of our

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inside jokes and interactions and the questions of whether she’s trying to make something happen, whether I want to get in the middle of whatever may or may not happen are amplified to the extreme. I simply did not know how to act around a girl I was really interested in, knew she was really interested in me but unable to act because she was unavailable.

It would all come together eventually one night when me and some of the guys decided to go bar hopping with some of the locals and we ran into and her crew. I’ve had a bit to drink at this point enough to the point where the power of suggestion is a functional command which probably explains why I didn’t turn down GFF’s offer to take a walk with her alone to get some food.

Now alone, she strikes up one of our usual conversations with the jokes and witty banter. But I’m not in a usual mindset. I’ve been going crazy over what she told for weeks now and all of my inhibitions are lowered. And so I make an off-hand comment about the sexual tension between us. I don’t remember the exact line I dropped but I’m sure the angels have it up in the top 5 lines of Worst Lines in the History of Male Female interaction. Her response.

Ah! But I know you’re lying! Trusted Mutual Friend told me so! Fortunately, I still had the sense of mind that sharing this knowledge after getting shot down would be london dating the worst mistake in history. Unfortunately, I decide to share just about every other reason why I think there’s sexual tension between us. I eventually come to my senses and realize I have just royally screwed everything up and start to have the Emotional Breakdown. Not wanting to be viewed in my state of weakness, I run away back to my house.

The next day we have class together and let me tell you awkward doesn’t come close to describing how class is. I didn’t realize it at the time, but she had no clue if I remembered that I went all Heart on Sleeve with her the night before. The entire romantic situation between us is just at this point.Both of know that the online singles other has feelings for one another and each of us has but each of us knows or believes the other person doesn’t know that they know how the other person feels about them.

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If the previous day was awkward, the next day was that times a million. I refused to talk with her for awhile, but said that I’d be willing to go out for coffee adult swingers to discuss stuff later. We eventually go out for coffee but it’s a little hard to mend things at this point. I don’t know her side of the story but she definitely felt wronged that I brought up our sexual tension while she was in a relationship, but I don’t know the whole story.

Looking back at it I should have held my ground and demanded to do this in person. If we had done this talk in person, it would have gone better. But should you ever end up in a situation where you have it out with your love interest online, my one piece of advice is to check their away message and make sure it doesn’t say You see, when you talk online and the other person doesn’t make many spelling mistakes it’s hard to tell if they are drunk, especially if you are not in the most clear headed state of mind.

When people are drunk, they say things they don’t mean or in a tone they don’t mean. And that’s exactly what happened here. In my last stand in the online dispute, I finally let out that I know what she said to TMF and that her whole moral high-ground is a smoke screen. We continue to have it out, and I eventually just shut my laptop ending the conversation because I felt too worthless to continue it.