Women Dating Testing

When we go out to date the person we like to date, we actually never know what the outcome is going to be. We hope the best, sometimes we get disapointed, and sometimes we just have time off and we have some fun.

dating woman

dating woman

Women are always testing man. I guess you have dating woman had woman challenge you demand something in a way that gave you a bad, uncomfortable feeling because you just did not know what to do. But you still wanted to please her and do whatever she wanted? I guess you have had it, because women are always testing in dating seeking. Fail the tests and she will soon be heading to the sunrise with some jerk motorbiker who caused sexual attraction.

Yes, women are testing you starting match maker from the very moment you two meet. This means that they try to see what kind of man you really are in dating seeking game. Are you a real man or a real wuss? She will find answers to these questions pretty fast indeed because dating seeking world is tough.

Women are attracted to some specific quality traits naturally. If you don´t have these traits and you create a impression that you embody these traits, then she will american dating not feel attracted to you and she will continue her dating seeking to other man. In this case she will challenge you to see how much wussy you really are to be sure she has to move on until she catches a real “big fish”.

If you keep falling these tests, then they only get more tougher until she leaves.

american dating

american dating

If woman starts to lose her attraction to a man, she´ll become uncomfortable and start doing all kinds of strange things in dating seeking game.

The best option to handle women tests men dating in dating seeking is to understand how women think in a first place. You need to realize that attraction does not make any sence. You might be a nice guy, but she could leave you because of you ARE that nice guy. It does not make any sencse! Women often love abusive personality whose sexual communication causes attraction.

You don´t have to be a jerk or abusive adult personals motorbiker to cause attraction and handle women dating seeking tests. The best way to handle woman tests is to be a man and to get some quality traits that causes attraction.

So you need qualities of the sexually attractive man what cause instant attraction in dating seeking.

These traits are: strong eye contact, your strong reality, being picky, dominance, confidence, not accepting bad behaviour, overly selective, territorial etc.

Get some of these qualityes and her attraction against you will only rise. If you don´t have them, then woman will start to test you and you´re in trouble. That´s simple and its true. Know the dating seeking secrets and you will be way ahead of other man.