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Ann Arbor
well here i am, hear me roar. all i can say is im in the business of good memories , live for now and enjoy them later and then make some more. i like to listen and as most men like to be listen to i wanna meet you!!! dont miss out now

I m a guy with lots of thought to share and joy. well educated and understndable to any kinda girls in this world, i love a lot.

first date : dinner , something casual buyt classy to get to know someone! hot air ballon?? bungee? nah just kidding maybe second date hehe

i m very much comfortable with my life, my surroundings and my friends, although because a lot of them travel for a lot of the year there could be more regular friends with a fixed address I have no trouble keeping up with most people and live a fairly chilled life
Looking for
could be any kinda girl that looks good, good figure, nice and attrective, uderstandeble, full of love and joy, positive attitude.

full joy and can do attitude i like a most, wht else i can say but i think u not fillinf empty by choosing me ! i m merried but i like descrit relationship, completely sepret reletionship from my merried life, to do kind a attitude for enjoy a diffrent test of the world, if u can understand.

not forcing u to contect but just as we go relation i like most, this first time i m doing this but join me and i think we enjoy a lot wht do u say !!!!