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Resonably attractive, depends who is looking! 44 year old, Blond, Grey or Green eyes,depends on the day! looking to get up close and personal with someone who I can connect with mentally and physically.
I like good food good wine and good company.

I like to party hard sometimes and I like to cuddle up with a movie sometimes. An incurrable romantic with a sense of fun.
I love to laugh and if you can make me chuckle you are halfway to my heart (or whatever bit of me you fancy)lol
I have a seually dominant side which I would love to explore with the right partner
Looking for
Passionate, experimental, open minded intelligent person required, how has some submissive thoughts or leanings, physically slim,
athletic, aveage, bit extra, breasts would be nice, any sort (lol), large , small not really that important, but please just tell the truth.
Someone who loves oral, and and lots of forplay mutual masterbation etc If your looking for someone to hop on and go hell for leather then please move on.I am a tactile, caring gentle person, and I like to play, so please read my profile before you contaact me. Thanks