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Hi, My name's Jonathan Peters, 41 years old, i work as a marine engineer for submarines, ships and oil companies.I am widowed, been that way for about 4 years.I lost my partner during the childbirth.The baby didn't survive as well.I am an easy going person. open minded , i bare my opinion on issues, straight forward (i call a spade what it beating about the bush).I work out 3-4 times a week, i swim very well, play golf, tennis and oh yeah...i cook sometimes ( i really need some help with that, i could mess up the kitchen pretty me MR KLUMPS), how does spagetti, shrimp and steak sound (I know you didn't just say yuck... now did you?).I seek a serious relationship that would probably lead to something more concrete (and nothing short of that).After my partner died, i met a few women and they were all about casual relationships and one night stands and i am not cut out for that kind of lifestyle.Well, what else is there to say here?I guess we have to talk to find out
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I need someone that seeks the sort of relationship i seek...a serious one...something concrete not the usual casual sex kind or one night stands...nope...i'm not up for that sort of thing...if you feel we share the same views you could write me an email...i am a very open minded person, i have a great sense of humour, if you have some ideas about cooking..that would be very helpful