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I live a pretty busy life, i always seem to be doing something or have samething on.
I'm a widower and i don't carry any real baggage. I had a great marriage and i'm sure there will be another great relationship out there for me.
I'm a caring, honest and very loyal person, a definate romantic and i am a laid back bloke. I enjoy most things that everyone on here does, eating, a social drink, movies and lots more.
My kids are a big part of my life and i love animals. My dog is really another member of the family, a small fluffy white one, a little rough around the edges.
I play golf regularly and enjoy most sports but i'm not obcessed with them like some people.
Life is there to be enjoyed and enjoyed today, you never know what can happen.
Lets get together for a coffee and have a chat.
I'm looking forward to seeing you
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I'm looking for someone who has that special chemical reaction with me, someone who is ready for a relationship. You would need to be happy with your life, calm, honest, sensual, social and tactile.Someone who will be my best friend as i will be theirs, someone who enjoys life and what it offers.