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I am a sexy man who looks after his mind and body. I love Sex and I love making and watching women cum under my control. I am loads of fun, and generally very positive influence on everyone's lives I have the opportunity to touch. Tall, Fit , Dark , Im told Im handsome - Im not Vain. I have a beautiful NOB and know how to use it well and always safe. I have a big heart and a lot of love.
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I am looking for a girl or girls or women however you see your self, who wants to have a spinner of a party, wants to have the greatest fuck you will ever have in your life guaranteed.( Physically and mentally) This is not an inflated promise or an ego bull shit statement. It aint easy to get this treatment, 1 You have to have a sexy mind. 2 YOu have to be secure in mind. 3 you have to have an attractive body, 4 You have to convince me why I should have sex with you. Looking forward to the real hotty stepping up to indulge in pleasure with me. Blatantly Honest